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Background image of Brigadeiro with the phonetic pronunciation in the center: BREE-GAH-DE-RO!


Our handmade Brigadeiro is silky, rich, and delicious, with a center that celebrates all of the

rich culture in our favorite city.


A Brigadeiro can best be described as a fusion between a truffle and a caramel, 

an enticing outer delight with a surprising center texture like nothing you have ever tried before.

We have created an experience that celebrates bringing our culture to yours by always choosing the

finest ingredients, creating unique flavors, and hand making every dessert, just for you!

Images of people who have tried Brigadeiro and a play button to watch video of peoples reaction and reviews of trying Maya's Brigadeiro

Watch people react to the unique experience of first biting into a Maya's Brigadeiro sweet treat.

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For chef, owner, and chief sweet officer, Maya Zellman, Brigadeiro is more than just dessert. Though a native Angelino, her whole life has been filled with trips to visit her Brazilian family and special memories made even sweeter by every bite of her Aunt Marli’s Brigadeiro.


Her love for this traditional dessert grew quickly, and as soon as she could learn to stir, she was learning the family recipe and adding her own bursts of flavor. When she couldn’t find any sweet that satisfied quite like a Brigadeiro in the U.S., she knew she had to start Maya's Brigadeiro Brazilian Sweets.


Every time Maya makes a Brigadeiro, it awakens those sweet memories of her childhood and sparks her desire to share her Brazilian traditions with the vibrant culture of Los Angeles and beyond. Each Brigadeiro is made to order with lots of amor, and reminds us that even the smallest things can bring the most joy.

Image of Maya the owner sitting in front of a table selling her Brigadeiro at a fair.
Coffee cup next to a Brigadeiro that has a bite taken out of it.
blue tropical background


Brigadeiro has a history as rich as its delicious center, first coming on the sweet scene in the 1940’s during World War II. Access to certain ingredients was scarce, so people took what little they had (cocoa powder, unsalted butter, and condensed milk) and created a treat with a lasting impression.


    While this new treat was slaying taste buds, Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes, a failed politician and high-ranking member of the Brazilian Air Force, was slaying the ladies with his good looks and charm.  (He held the office of, you guessed it, brigadier.) Some industrious ladies hopped on his campaign trail for presidency, slinging this new sweet, and roaring the slogan, “vote for the brigadier, who’s good-looking and single.” This new dessert became synonymous with the Brigadeiro's campaign, which is how the sweet treats got their name.

Today, Brigadeiro’s legacy has long outlasted the man its name was inspired by and continues to enhance Brazilian celebrations, special occasions, and afternoon cafezinho with its unique taste and texture.

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