Brazilian Pop Stars (Large)


We wouldn’t call these “traditional” Brazilian flavors, but this assortment features the most popular and trendiest Brigadeiro flavors in Brazil today. 



Leite Ninho com Nutella:

Evaporated babies milk with Nutella…..WE KNOW WE KNOW, sounds crazy! All you’ll think is crazy is how you never tried this delicious flavor combo before.


Romeu e Julieta

‘Romeo and Juliet,’ this Brigadeiro is fashioned after a popular Brazilian dessert that pairs salty cheese and sweet guava paste. Our Brigadeiro is made with real cream cheese and hugs a side of guava imported from the motherland.  Like the love of the story it is named after, these are to die for!



No translation needed. Cinnamon Sugar Brigadeiro stuffed with a Dulce de Leche center. Ai Yai Yai, delicioso!!!!



A popular compressed peanut candy that crumbles at the touch. Our Paçoca Brigadeiro will have you crumbling at the knees with how tasty it is.

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