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Brazilian Pop Stars (Medium)

Brazilian Pop Stars (Medium)


We wouldn’t call these “traditional” Brazilian flavors, but this assortment features the most popular and trendiest Brigadeiro flavors today in Brazil. 



Leite Ninho com Nutella:

Evaporated Babies milk with Nutella…..WE KNOW WE KNOW, sounds crazy! All you’ll think is crazy is how you never tried this delicious flavor combo before.


Romeu e Julieta:

‘Romeo and Juliet,’ this Brigadeiro is fashioned after a popular Brazilian dessert that pairs salty cheese and sweet guava paste. Our Brigadeiro is made with real cream cheese and hugs a side of guava imported from the motherland.  Like the love of the story it is named after, these are to die for!



No translation needed. Cinnamon Sugar Brigadeiro stuffed with a Dulce de Leche center. Ai Yai Yai, delicioso!!!!



A popular compressed peanut candy that crumbles at the touch. Our Paçoca Brigadeiro will have you crumbling at the knees with how tasty it is.

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